Today marks the release of the final single on Martin Garrix's new EP, BYLAW. The unique name of the EP comes from the first letter of all of the songs featured on it. B – Breach, Y – Yottabyte, L – Latency, A – Acess, W – Waiting For Tomorrow. The last track to be released, ‘Waiting For Tomorrow' is arguably the most anticipated.

‘Waiting For Tomorrow' is a collaboration with Pierce Fulton and features vocals from Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda. The single carries a deeper emotional weight after the tragic passing of Chester Bennington and is all around a gorgeous record.

Martin Garrix & Pierce Fulton – ‘Waiting For Tomorrow' featuring Mike Shinoda

The addition of Mike Shinoda's instantly recognizable voice sets this tune apart from the other records featured on BYLAW. The track is upbeat in nature and beautifully combines electro and progressive elements to create what will undoubtedly become a main stage anthem for the foreseeable future.

It took quite some time to finally be officially released, but upon hearing the full, final version of this track. I think it is safe to say that it was worth the wait. Take a listen to ‘Waiting For Tomorrow' and the other 4 tracks on BYLAW below.