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Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix

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Martin Garrix Releases His Incredibly Upbeat And Highly Anticipated Single – ‘Access’ (Chinatown)

While Martin Garrix has made headlines for an ambitious week full of releases, today's release might eclipse all of the others combined. For quite some time now fans have been begging Garrix to release the ID that had become known as ‘Chinatown'.

For quite a while it appeared that they tune might go the way of ‘Rewind, Repeat It' with Ed Sheeran, which has been shelved indefinitely. Then news of Garrix's episodic EP broke, and all hope was restored.

Martin Garrix – ‘Access'

While the name of the track was switched from what fans grew accustomed to, the tune remains entirely the same. It is unimaginably happy and upbeat. Synths ring out in a seeming chorus of beauty. The steady driving beat brings in a progressive feel to the record that ties together what might go down as Garrix's true masterpiece.

Enjoy the release of this tune below, and finally listen to the full version.


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