There have been several very high profile suicides in 2018. Avicii took his life in April, and a few months ago the world was rocked by the passing of both fashion designer, Kate Spade and international chef, Anthony Bourdain. Countless others have passed away from suicide, and many more struggle every day with depression and suicidal ideation. It is truly one of the most insidious issues plaguing our generation.

To help combat suicide, Illenium has partnered with NV Concepts to raise awareness and provide donations to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline. In a transparent Facebook post Illenium has asked fans to create 15 second videos explaining their journies through depression in order to inspire hope.

NV Concepts has agreed to donate one dollar for each video that is posted to Instagram. Read the full post below and see how to create a video of your own which will benefit a great cause.

Remember that there are always resources out their to help you through any tough period in life. People care, people will listen, and you are not alone.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline1-800-273-8255