Mike Posner is most well known for his hit record, ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza'. In the instant dance classic that was famously remixed by Seeb to create a radio hit, Posner mentions Avicii by name. The duo apparently had a strong relationship and used to work with each other on tracks fairly frequently.

‘Levels' Almost Became A Vocal Track Featuring Mike Posner…

In a radio interview with NYC's Alt 92.3, Mike revealed that he had actually been sent the stems of ‘Levels' by Avicii who hoped he could record vocals on the track. Posner went on to say that while he made several variations of the song, none of them fit quite right and ultimately the song was released as we know and love it today, with its iconic soul sample.

Read excerpts from the interview below or check out the original article here.

“I was shelved by my record label at the time…But Tim (Bergling, Avicii) always liked my stuff and my writing so he would always – every six months or so – send me some tracks he was working on, and ask me to write to them. He actually sent me “Levels.”

Posner reveals for the first time, that he took not one pass at attempting a topline for the tune, but “like 6 of em, because I couldn't get it right…they weren't that good that's why he didn't use em. I mean they were good, but not… the thing.”

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