What So Not released one of 2018's finest albums earlier this year. While the LP was full of memorable records, none stood out more than his track with Skrillex, ‘GOH'. The single had been heard in sets for quite a while before it was released, and when it finally saw the light of day – fans totally lost it.

Now after over 6 months since the release of ‘GOH', What So Not has started dropping a new version in his sets. It is a much higher intensity version of the track than the original with sounding bending production and design.

Fans have boiled down the remix to come from two possible sources. Either a VIP from Emoh himself or a Noisia remix. The belief behind the Noisia remix comes from pictures of the group spending time in the studio with both What So Not and Skrillex the last few months.

Who does it belong to? We seemingly might not know until (if ever) it gets an official release. For now, check out the brief clip of the ID remix below.

Goh VIP (or remix…Noisia?) from r/skrillex