Martin Garrix has five new singles dropping this week in honor of the Amsterdam Dance Event. Garrix has done this sort of episodic EP release before in 2016, and it seems that he is keen to once again blow fans minds with a series of long-awaited singles.

Being the world's #1 DJ, Martin Garrix's music has a microscope on it. It seems that any unreleased track that he plays is immediately ripped from a set and uploaded somewhere. Each collaboration he is featured on gets identified and given a place holder name within minutes. In short, Marty cannot get away with much in terms of surprises.

Hence why, only a few minutes after news of his 5 releases broke, fans had already identified which tracks would be included in the release. While we never cover potential leaks, since Garrix took to social media to confirm the accuracy of the releases, we felt okay bringing you the tracklist for the upcoming episodic EP this week.

Scroll down past this Instagram embed to find the Reddit post which breaks down the tracks that will finally see the light of day over the next 5 days.

Martin Garrix ‘Plus': All Songs Leaked from r/EDM

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