Yesterday news broke that Insomniac was going to be creating a new music festival for 2019. The festival behind Electric Daisy Carnival and countless other West Coast entities is stepping into the world of video games.

After their Rennaissance themed event, Middle Lands, only lasted a year due to complaints from local residents, it seemed only natural that Insomaniac would try something new to expand their reach in the dance music festival world.

Video Games and EDM Collides

The cross over market for video games and dance music has become enormous in recent years. The Fortnite Pro Am featured countless DJs ranging from Marshmello to Dillon Francis. The former now has his own web series specifically about gaming with professional e-sports gurus.

Of course there is Deadmau5 too who was the first to use Twitch, a platform mainly used for video game streams to tease new music and interact with his fans. The crossover appeal is endless, and it seems that Insomniac is taking advantage.

Pasquale Rotella Speaks

In a statement released to Billboard, founder and CEO of Insomanic Events, Pasquale Rotella explained his decision to create PLAY.

“These two worlds have so many parallels…They’re colorful and high energy, they attract an audience that’s extremely passionate about community, and there’s a level of creative expression that both cosplayers and ravers share that you don’t see anywhere else. I’m excited to bring these two worlds together in a live environment like it’s never been done before.”

The festival will feature both top dance music artists, live gaming, cosplay and other activations. No further information from lineup to location has been released about PLAY Music Festival, but stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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