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Lemaitre Expands On How They’ve Been Influenced By The Beatles And More At ACL 2018 [Interview]

On the closing day of Austin City Limits, just before a wild rain storm hit, we were fortunate enough to catch up with one of the most exciting and original electronic music acts in the world. The Norweigan duo Lemaitre has worked tirelessly curating a sound which bends genres and pushes the limits of electronic music.

Over the past few years, Lemaitre has toured the country as direct support to Porter Robinson as well as performed at major festivals such as Coachella. Now the guys are about to embark on a massive European tour as they celebrate the release of their brilliant new single, “Big”.

ACL is one of those festivals that we have always heard about and just really wanted to play.

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Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits is one of the largest festivals in the country but despite its massive attendance it manages to retain its charm, even as it continues to grow. This year was the first time Lemaitre played ACL but they had visited Austin a few times before…

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Ulrik: “We've been here a few times for like SXSW which was a total sh*tshow but a fun sh*tshow.”

Ketil: “When we toured with Porter Robinson we did a stop here as well. It's a great city.

The guys expanded on the feeling of playing such a large festival before setting out on a tour of more intimate venues. In many ways, the juxtaposition of a major festival stage against a series of smaller venues can be difficult to adjust to, but Lemaitre found the bright side in the experience. Specifically the incredible acts they will be able to enjoy as fans.

Ketil: “Playing ACL was a great warm up! It feels amazing to do something like this before heading out on a massive tour. It's always fun to be out at festivals and watch all the different shows.”

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Ulrik: “We cannot wait to see Phoenix and Arctic Monkeys as well as Paul Mccartney next weekend. We missed Paul this weekend as we only just got in yesterday. I flew in last night while Ketil drove in from LA.

Lemaitre – “Big”

Paul McCartney has been a major influence for Lemaitre. The duo just released a spectacular new single in September called “Big”. When one first listens to the single it instantly evokes a sense of the early days of rock. A quirky keyboard chord progression serves as the backdrop which fun vocals are painted upon. A melodic break leads into a tempo change where a subtle synth dances alongside lyrics which carry a gorgeous depth and weight.

When asked about the inspiration for the track, the guys gave a little more insight on their excitement to finally see McCartney live.

“That song is actually mainly inspired by the Beatles. Hence why I am so excited for Paul McCartney. He is really one of my favorite songwriters.”

The similarities between The Beatles and Lemaitre's new single are obvious once the connection was drawn out.

European Tour

Upon wrapping up their performance at ACL the guys are ready to head out on a major European tour which is wrapping up in their hometown of Oslo.

“We were actually just back in Oslo at the beginning of September. But we are definitely excited to be heading back, well kind of, it's not the best time to be heading to Oslo. It's already freezing! Not like Texas, I had to change out of pants before heading on stage so I wouldn't pass out during the set.”

International touring acts have the ability to observe things everyday people might not. One of the most interesting points that many artists pick up on are the differences between US crowds and those abroad. Lemaitre had a surprising response when asked to compare the US to international audiences.

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Ketil: “Crowds really differ from city to city, even in the US. I think in a way the US crowd is a bit more appreciative, they seem more excited. But I guess in a way it really depends on the festival or venue. At Coachella for example, everybody is mainly standing still, because everyone is seemingly so focused on looking cool haha.”

Ulrik:“ACL is special though, even though we played an early spot people were with it from the beginning. I think we were more tired than the crowd!”

The future remains bright as the big bang for Lemaitre (which yes, was a terrible pun as the group's namesake is Georges Lemaitre, who first proposed the theory of the big bang). Lemaitre is constantly working to discover new sounds, and grow their signature style into some truly special. Follow Lemaitre on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with the guys, and find tickets for their European tour dates here.

Interview conducted by Shannon Rawdon

Article by Erik Mahal

Featured Photo Via Lemaitre Facebook

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