Today stories broke around the dance music industry that Deadmau5 made some less than flattering remarks towards Slushii. Between calling his music “AIDS” and going further to call it “Autistic”, Deadmau5's comments were not well received. While in any light, Mau5's comments left a lot to be desired, they were specifically ill-chosen because Slushii is someone who has been diagnosed as being on the Autism spectrum. Whether Deadmau5 knew this before or not remains unknown.

Deadmau5 Admits To Needing Help

Deadmau5 has been transparent in the past that he has struggled with mental health issues. After the outrage Joel received today, he took to his Twitter to release a personal statement apologizing for his remarks.

It appears Deadmau5 reflected on his word choice and general actions over the past few years and realized that he had become someone who he regrets. In the statement, Joel notes he will be falling off the grid for a bit to seek professional help.

We are happy Deadmau5 decided to take this step to better himself, read his full statement below.

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