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EDM News Artist of the Week: Leo Teran

Hey dance music fans! Thanks so much for tuning into yet another episode of's Artist of the Week Series. We always love highlighting the best in up and coming music and uncovering some of the newest stars and talents in the dance music world. Today we are featuring a newer artist to the scene going by the name of Leo Teran.

“Music creates everlasting emotions, so you should create music that inspires you and others.” – leo teran

Leo was born in Miami Florida where he was always exposed to a diversity of different genres of music. He followed in his mothers footsteps due to her passion for dance and guitar. His passion started very early on at the age of 5 playing the piano and slowly evolved into a drummer by the age of 12. He attended Berklee College of Music to study Music Business and Production where he was able to master the techniques of Abelton and Logic Pro. His love for dance music came to him after studying abroad for a year in Spain and fell in love with the Future Trance genre made famous by Avicci, Armin, Andy Duguid and many others. He's currently signed to Sirup Music, Global 305 and plans on releasing positive music into the industry through big labels and hopes to inspire people worldwide.

One of Leo's tracks titled “So Easy” featuring Joey Myron really plucks our ear tingles and pulls in a ton of elements from tropical, house, pop, trance, and a ton of others to create a perfectly mixed down record that is ready for radio play and can fit into just about any club or festival set as well. This pulls in the creative styles Leo Teran creates during his mindful process of working on new music.

We were lucky enough to sit down and take some time with this incredibly talented artist and got some insight into his creative process. When discussing his creative process, he really emphasized the idea that you could pull inspiration from wherever you are in the world, especially from scenery:

“It usually starts by listening to a piano chord progression of any style or genre. i try to learn it on my own and modify it to be original. after that I usually work on the lead melody and the rest comes naturally. i love inspiration from scenery. I could sit by the beach and think of music. traveling by plane is usually pretty amazing with all the beautiful skys as well”

Check out Leo Teran's newest record Forver, below!

That is about all the time we have but we were so happy to feature Leo Teran this week as our Artist of the Week! We really hope you enjoyed this as much as us! Please, go give Leo Teran some support and listen to his incredible compilation of music, especially if you are a trance fan! Until next time!

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