Listen Out music festival took place in the land down under this past weekend. Like any good festival that features techno, FISHER was on the bill for his native land's festival de jour. While he without a doubt threw down a tasty set during the festival, it was what happened after the fest concluded that got everyone on social media talking.

FISHER dropped by The Ivy after the conclusion of the festival on Friday night, and a special guest that nobody couldve expected stopped by as well.

FISHER B2B Skrillex

Skrillex popped into The Ivy to throw down a surprise B2B to FISHER. The crowd more or less, understanably lost their minds. The guys played a tantalizing set of techno but found time to mix in some classics such as Celine Dion's Titanic ballad, ‘My Heart Will Go On' as well as Toto's ‘Africa'.

Check out a solid clip of the set below.