There’s no telling how he does it, but ARTY just keeps on churning out banger after banger at an impressive rate. Whether he is releasing tracks as ARTY or as his trancier alias Alpha-9, the Russian dance music icon is continuing down the path of 2018 domination when he returning to his Progressive House roots, this time resulting in the undeniably brilliant ‘Perfect Strangers’.

An uplifting anthem with a powerful drop, big chords and beautiful vocals that perfectly complement the vibe of the track, ‘Perfect Strangers’ is, in ARTY’s own words, “definitely one of my favorite songs I’ve produced this year.” Tried and tested in several of his shows eliciting a massive response from the crowd, this song truly is a step forward for ARTY, simply because of the way the melody, arrangement, and vocals connect on so many levels.

ARTY: “The idea of this record came to me a little bit after my debut album was released. I was playing around with different instruments and melodies, but never finished it and only got back to it randomly last year when I was looking for a new intro track for my DJ sets, something uplifting and powerful. I tested it out on a few of my shows and the reaction of the crowd was incredible.”

Listen to ARTY's Perfect Strangers Below!