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Future Bass

Unknown Brain & Rival Team Up for Exciting New Single

Unknown Brain and Rival have teamed up to make an exciting new single, “Stay The Same”. The song was released earlier today and does an excellent job of perfecting future bass’s crucial elements. Featuring heartfelt vocals from Veronica Bravo and a grand piano accompaniment from Rival, the song builds beautifully towards a tidal wave of sound. Chords cradled by powerful bass lines surface to create a progression as chillingly powerful as a typhoon and as warm as a heartfelt confession. As heavy wobbles shake the fabric of its sonic space, Veronica’s vocals bloom openly towards verses and bridges that contrast and complement the song's sonic peaks.

Though the three artists have only just begun to gain traction, their work speaks for itself. Rival’s strong grip on music theory and his knack for playing piano supplements Veronica’s vocals to a tee. Unknown Brain and Rival’s production and audio engineering skills make for a dynamically sound combination that's bound for the stars. Check out the song below and if you like it check out their other tunes.

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