There aren't many DJ/producers who have genuinely achieved engaging the space between the Latin and traditional dance music, Sinego not only found a way to make both parties groove, but he's has both the content and numbers to back it up. The soloist has achieved over 8 million views, 2 million of which were purely through viral social content that harnessed heart strings of Latin culture paired with catchy music. A unique Sinego collaboration that achieved success included a work with USA-based artist Egzod and world-renown singer Adara (worked with Adventure Club, Mitis, The Him,) entitled “Free,” – the single alone received multiple-millions of plays through just a few streaming platforms.

Most recently, Sinego has sought the talent of Somaphiq and CVTRIN to put their own twist on the original “Sofia,” even joining CVTRIN on his remix to spice things up. Both have pop-influence but have a certain power to them, yet Sinego and CVTRIN's version leans more on the heavier side.

Sinego made solid choices with remix selection here, the three artists involved surely will be showcasing more new music in no time.