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Steve Aoki
Steve Aoki
Photo via Rukes


Steve Aoki Releasing Neon Future Comic Book at NYC Comic Con

Steve Aoki does not sleep. Proven fact. He’s like a shark. I have no idea if sharks actually sleep or not. But, for all intensive purposes, they don’t. Don’t @ me. Aoki has been touring the world for as long as any of us can remember, often times playing multiple shows a night. His music will live on forever with EDM royalty and we will never forget the vanilla iced cake whizzing by our head at one of his live shows (pissed that it missed us). Now, aside from cake and music, AOKI is releasing something special!

Steve Aoki Comic Book

Batman, Spiderman, Aoki. The Neon Future comic book is being release at Comic Con and we cannot wait to see what this ish is all about. Going to be a very interesting release. Aoki, topless, with ripped blue jeans and a lightsaber. Sign me up.

Photo Cred: RUKES


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