“Runaway Love (Feat. Stef Kalloo & Braveboy)” by Greg Gatsby is uplifting yet laid back, having somewhat of a tropical influence built into the beat. The vocals provided by Stef Kalloo and Braveboy are a strong contribution to that atmosphere laid out. Solid low end and synth flutters make the single carry a certain level of infectiousness that sticks, bringing to mind memories of warm summer nights.

Beginning his career cleaning floors and driving for Uber, Greg Gatsby reflects a down-to-earth rising-artist story, going on to become a four-time Billboard charting artist. Alongside this, he's produced a Beatport bestseller, and shared the stage with the likes of GTA, Waka Flocka, Sander Van Doorn, Bass Jackers, and more. Consistency is a major part of growth and dance, Gatsby seemingly is in tune with this notion.