It seems like just the other day that Odesza released their Grammy-nominated album, A Moment Apart. When in reality it has officially been over a year. Since that time we have heard countless new ID's teased during their extensive tour. Both unreleased remixes, as well as a few unknown originals, have caught the attention of fans all over the world. Since Odesza tends to favor album releases with a few singles beforehand, many fans believed the wait for new music could be quite a while. Well, they did…until today.

Odesza Teases New Music

Most fans will instantly be familiar with Odesza's remix of Alex Adair's ‘Make Me Feel Better'. Well, they would be if the song that Odesza has been playing was, in fact, a remix. The confusion comes from the Odesza and Adair using the same sample. If you are not familiar with this gem, take a listen below…

Pretty insane right? Yeah, fans have been calling for the release of this unbelievable track for quite some time now. Today Odesza uploaded a clip to social media. Mysterious in nature the clip only shows a television with the orders ‘LOYAL' written across it. Now, what could that mean? Well Odesza themselves answered this question during an AMA…


Turns out this entire time we have been hearing an Odesza original, and it appears it will finally see release – very, very soon.

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