The entertainment industry and pop culture, in general, is experiencing an epidemic of both suicides and drug overdoses. Actually, the United States is in general. Both addiction and depression are two subjects which still have a ton of stigma revolving around them. Even as science continues to prove the legitimacy of the medical disorders, the backlash around admitting to suffering from either can be fierce.

As we see the passing of yet another incredible talent yesterday with the death of Mac Miller, we are forced to once again look at the culture which has been created. How artists are put onto pedestals because of their art. While our favorite musicians and celebrities can seem more than human at times due to the publicity of their lives, they are just as fallible as the rest of us. Ookay decided to demonstrate this point in a beautifully authentic and powerful tweet today.

In the message, Ookay explains his struggle with touring exhaustion, substance abuse, and depression. It is a stark reminder that everybody needs to take a break sometimes. If you are struggling with any mental health issue it is never too late to reach out to those who care ranging from friends to medical professionals. If you see a friend struggling or not acting themselves. Speak up, ask them with love and care if they are okay.

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