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Andrea Desmond releases new EDM Pop album, “Brighter Than The Stars”

Tell us, what has been your greatest memory so far this Summer? Recollect your best memories and tell us the music that either inspired it or what was playing in the exact moment of your best memories? We want to tell you that Summer is still going strong and you still have time.

Take the rest of your Summer and make sure it's the most memorable and the brightest of all the years before it. Why did we choose the word brightest? Take this into consideration.  Yes, we're talking about the natural light that is taking place, but we're also talking about the new album that just dropped by Andrea Desmond – literally hours ago. “Brighter Than The Stars” is the newest album dropped by EDM pop sensation, Andrea Desmond and we couldn't be more excited to take a listen.

We've got to say, so far, our favorite track has to be “The Strongest”. You may be asking yourself why this particular track, other than the fact that it's an anthem for Andrea herself proclaiming strength and passion. As we've come to know throughout the years, passions can be one of the strongest life forces in our human existence because it can allow us to push past our own limitations and instead bring forth something beautiful. Andrea Desmond follow her musical passion to new heights and she's reached the top with her latest album drop. The cohesiveness between harmonies, the eclectic sound from the percussion, and the personified melody that resonates within ourselves let's us know we're all humans that are capable of magnificent things.

We like to think that Andrea Desmond released this album for all of us, as a reminder to never give up and always push our limits of existence in our passion. Listen to Andrea Desmond's new album, “Brighter Than The Stars” and tell us how it made you feel.

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