Dropping back-to-back new tunes in a span of two days, Disclosure graces fans with their newest ‘Where Angels Fear To Tread.' A mere 24 hours after dropping ‘Moonlight,' Disclosure trades in the dance-ready beats for a more sultry, laid back fare.

Disclosure – ‘Where Angels Fear To Tread'

‘Where Angels Fear To Tread' sees the Lawrence brothers (Disclosure) sample the Four Freshmen's a cappella rendition of Johnny Mercer & Rube Bloom's ‘Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread).' Spiced up with perfectly placed percussive elements and hotter than ever synths, Disclosure adds a mesmerizing dance-flare to the jazz tune. This one is going to be stuck on repeat for hours, we promise.

Disclosure took to Twitter to express their love for The Four Freshman and all things jazz, writing, “We’ve been completely obsessed with acapella jazz groups lately and so we decided to sample some of the original masters – The Four Freshmen. Hope you all enjoy.”

Check out ‘Where Angels Fear To Tread' below, and keep your eyes peeled for any hints of LP3.