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Panorama Music Fest 2018: 7 Takeaways From The NYC Based Event

This years Panorama Music Festival was full of epic proportions including so many different acts that spanned across all musical genres. Despite some artists backing out last minute, it's still truly hard to pick the best performances from the festival being that there were so many great musicians attending. The festival was both exciting and refreshing with moments that were beautiful and surreal to be a part of. There was a certain feeling of magic knowing that the festival came together to bring it's audience something that is truly spectacular.

Panorama 2018 was full of exciting experiences and it was those experiences that prevailed despite the momentary weather delay which happened on the first day of the event. I'm sure a lot of fans were sad to see that, but the weekend continued on and in the end the festival maintained its liveliness. The lineup itself consisted of some of the most well known artists and musicians on the planet. It was truly an event worth going to and it's no wonder people all over NYC are all still talking about it.

So in honor of the festival that transpired I put together a list of the the 7 takeaways from the event and what we have learned from this awesome weekend of shows:

#1: Festival Layout = Major Key

Photo By Julia Drummond

One thing that stood out to me almost immediately was the layout of the festival itself. What i loved about the set up of Panorama was the fact that everything seemed put together but also open at the same time. People had the freedom to roam around and set up essentially picnics while they watched their favorite artist.

I love seeing festivals incorporate that element, being that no one felt like they had to stand up the whole time while they tirelessly danced about. When you felt tired or just needed a break you could chill and layout on the grass with your friends, still also hearing the music that is taking place on the stage near you. As long as you avoided some of the muddy areas, it was a really nice touch to the already picturesque event.

#2: Lineups for Days

Photo By Julia Drummond

The second thing from Panorama that stood out to me the most was obviously the lineup. I'm sure you already guessed this but it was really full of some incredible artists, and each one put on a show that was inherently their own making each performance that much more memorable and unique.

Despite the weather delay that saw The Weeknd and some other artists have to cancel. It was jam packed with other great acts. These acts included Odesza, SZA, The XX, David Byrne, The Killers and the list goes on and on. All names that I take you're already very much familiar with.

So in conclusion, even though there were some cancellations the festival still maintained its hold on its attendees. Providing them with even more stellar musical performances than they could have ever dreamed of.

#3: Weather Won't Get In The Way Of Good Times

Photo By Julia Drummond

We have all seen our share of cancellations due to bad weather at music festivals. And I can be completely honest with you when I say that I was pretty disappointed to see the last acts of Friday night have to cancel, and usually when that happens the rest of the weekend does not seem that exciting or fun, nevertheless that was not the case for Panorama.

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The festival held itself together and continued with the festivities. Putting on the shows that they said they would while also creating a positive, vibe filled atmosphere despite the momentary cancellation and weather delays. Panorama definitely made the best of a not so ideal situation.

#4: Food And Drinks Within Reach

Photo By Julia Drummond

Anyone who is an avid festival goer knows that feeling full and hydrated throughout the day is pretty important. Being hungry and thirsty at a festival when all your doing is dancing and trying to have a good time is definitely a no no.

For Panorama, the amount of hungry or thirsty fans wasn't really an issue being that there was food and drink readily available throughout the weekend and all within the reaches of the stages where the artists were performing. There was no need to go somewhere far or bring your own stuff to munch on, the line of food that was right in front of the performances was readily accessible and had you up and about ready to take on the next show in no time. Easy access to food and drink is key and the festival did not fail here. There were also free water fountains for people which is another very important thing to have at a summer event.

#5: Location Can Be Everything

Photo By Julia Drummond

Location, location. Another thing Panorama did so well, the selection of the place where the festival would be held. Panorama took place in a beautiful part of NYC, Randall's Island. There is truly nothing like being there during a summer festival, with the sun shining and your favorite band playing while you see the beatuiful skyline of NYC in the background. It's no wonder other festivals like Ezoo also take place at this awesome location. Randall's Island became a safe haven and escape for a lot of it's attendees and for that we thank you Panorama.

#6: Transportation Readily Available

Photo By Julia Drummond

Traveling to an event can be cumbersome. Getting to and fro from a festival easily for any person should really be of the utmost importance. Despite the fact that there was traffic packed usually at the entrance of the event, which was expected, everything seemed organized well. There were a lot of different options for fans to take to get back to where they needed to go. Busses and ubers were readily available at a moments notice for all festival goers and that was one thing that I appreciated a lot.

No one wants to be that person tired and stuck at a music festival not knowing how they are going to get home, and for the attendees of Panorama there didn't seem to be a lot of those people.

#7: Top Notch Stage Set Up And Design

Photo By Julia Drummond

The last takeaway from the festival I have to say were the stages. There's no doubt that the stage is a crucial aspect of what makes an event so memorable. To look up and see your favorite artist playing on an epic landscape is amazing to see. The layout was beautiful and everything was put together quite nicely providing a fun and safe experience for everyone at the event.

The stages were also set up in a way that definitely benefited the festival. They all were far enough apart from each other that they didn't directly interfere, and they were still engaging and loud enough for the audience to stay increasingly interested throughout each performance.

So with all that being said, the festivities are over but that doesn't mean we have to stop reminiscing about it. Those were my 7 takeaways from the festival, and what a festival it was indeed. There's nothing like attending a great musical event and it definitely left all of its attendees wanting more. Until next year Panorama NYC!!

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