In modern-day dance music, there is no greater sin than a pre-recorded set. While a massive amount of fans believe they occur at every major festival, they are actually much rarer than one might think. This is because, well, DJing on CDJ's is really not that incredibly difficult, especially when the artist is only transitioning from one song to the next and not fixing in any special effects or mashing tunes up. One of the greatest indicators of skill though is being able to mix vinyl. That is why the below video might throw some haters for a loop.

David Guetta has gotten his fair share of hate thrown at him due to his massive commercial success, as well as an unfortunate space out at Tomorrowland. But he is unarguably one of the most iconic and important producers in the history of dance music. David helped shape the big room and progressive house sounds. He was an early innovator of pop crossover and has never stopped pushing boundaries. These are just some of the reasons why he has (by far) the largest social media following of any electronic music producer. Rivaling even that of Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga.

Today on Instagram David posted an early TBT of him spinning at a club space after party on the terrace in 2003. In the video, he can be seen manning for Vinyl decks to a room full of hooligans losing their minds. Talk about a blast from the past. We love you David, keep doing you.

15 years ago playing Vinyls on the space terrace after party !!!

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