Amazon Prime Day is a time where the internet collectively comes together and bombards the largest online retailer with orders to take advantage of deals that are usually only offered to pay subscribers.

While employees at Amazon hate the extended hours of the week in which they have to work overtime in order to fulfill the influx of orders, users take full advantage of low prices and expedited shipping. Dance music fans noticed something a bit unusual on Amazon's homepage yesterday though – a picture of Deadmau5.

Deadmau5 must make Amazon a lot of money. from r/EDM

Turns out this was part of a promotion for PUBG and Twitch Prime. The service can be activated through Amazon Prime. Yesterday fans who had Twitch Prime accounts could gain access to a Deadmau5 loot crate. According to Reddit the crate and accompanying skins were only available to PC players.

The skins were basically outfits full of Deadmau5's signature Mau5head logo. If you missed this opportunity we have to imagine that it will be available again at some point! Read more on the PUBG/Deadmau5/Prime Day partnership over at r/EDM.

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