Brandon Carroll, also known as Swarm, is hands down the most terrifying artist to come out in a long time. Judging by the artwork on his latest release, The Nothing, I am not 100 percent sure he is not Slender Man. It only makes perfect sense that he would drop yet another bone-chilling track on Friday the 13th. One after another, the Floridian based producer has consistently put out tracks that make you feel uneasy by design. Growing up a metal head addicted to horror movies, it is no surprise to me why I connect with Swarm’s music.

The Nothing emerges behind clacking drumsticks and thick bass. The haunting melody hangs overhead giving the track a retro horror movie vibe. Industrial synths grind along as violins screech, adding suspense to an already fear-inducing track. A torrent of bass floods the track midway through, pinning you down as if a sleep paralysis demon was sitting on your chest. This song powers through consuming everything in its path. The Nothing then breaks off into a heart-wrenching piano outro which I found to be one of the most somber melodies I have ever heard. Swarm has been building a faction of EDM fans who are all about dark midtempo music and releases like this one are why. Listen to The Nothing below and keep an ear out for future stuff from my vote for breakout artist of the year; Swarm.

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