You are getting sleepy, very, very sleepy.

You are getting Faded, very, very Faded.

At this point, we are all familiar with Alan Walker's smash hit ‘Faded'. It was actually the first electronic music song to cross the 1 billion view threshold on YouTube. An accomplishment that has only been replicated a few times since it hit the mark last year.

Alan Walker's ‘Faded' Except Only Yawns

One fan had an interesting idea…recreate the song with only…uhh…yawns. We have seen some other clever recreation of major tunes, like Camelphat and Elderbrooke's hit ‘Cola' recreated with literally only cans of Coke.

Be warned, the video below is going to make you yawn. I mean even I have let out a few just typing this article. Still, the ingenuity and creativity this took is something else. Even if this is kind of weird, it is a whole lot of fun. Check it out below.

Alan Walker's Faded With Only Yawns. (Try Not to Yawn) from r/EDM

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