Belgian based producer Kenn Colt has just teamed up with a few other talented artists to make a very heartwarming and uplifting house single that I'm sure will brighten up your day. Entitled, “Shine a Light”, the track is a ride that will help you soar to new heights of musical bliss.

This song is a perfect representation of chill summer vibes. With its catchy melodic phrases, beautiful harmonies, and smooth vocals it is a sure fire way to get your heart going and have you dancing the summer nights away. The song is emotional and captures its meaning in a certain way through musicality and powerful expression.

Here's a quote from Andros on the new single:

“This song tells us why it is important to always have a light that gives us that positive energy to illuminate our days, and we never have to fall into that negative vibe, know the happier side of life”

Make sure to check out “Shine a Light” below…