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Cheat Codes Invades Firefly and Drops the Heaviest Set of the Year [Interview]

Whats up dance music fans!? Hope you all had an INCREDIBLE week of music. Tonight, we're going to recap the always amazing CHEAT CODES journey to Firefly Festival 2018.

The trio hailing from Los Angeles, California, put on probably the greatest bass heavy / trap set of the year less than a week ago at the Dance Music stage during the forever intimate, Firefly Festival, held in Dover, DE.

Coming off an absolutely massive EDC performance, Cheat Codes is blazing through 2018 and leaving a trail of not only fantastic singles, but finally, their FIRST EP album of their young career.

Luckily, got the chance to sit down with this talented group for an up close and personal interview into not only their creative process as artists, but what they have in store for their fans the rest of the year.

When asked about their newest EP:

“Its the first EP we've ever dropped. We've dropped a ton of pop style records but we really wanted to give something back to the dance music fans that have given us so much. It's been something we've wanted to do since we've started. We have always put out singles but we really wanted to focus on a body of work. We are extremely happy with how it came out and thankful for all the support it has received.”

Cheat Codes not only crushed it with this EP, they also have a ton of projects in the works:

“We have a single coming out June 22nd. We're very excited about that, it's a pop leaning song. We just came out with a heavy ep so it's great to show our versatility and showing our fans we could do so many things. we also have our first full length album coming out soon just so people can understand who we are musically. We're going to be in asia next week, and we're just focused on getting our music out there.”

With so much focus on putting out new content, Cheat Codes wanted to chime in on how the evolution of dance music always pushes the creative process forward in their productions:

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“For us, it's always one of those things where we're evolving our music. If we ever feel like we're creating something that's over-done, we won't put that out. But we like to always keep our music fresh and create those new sounds and new vibes. We listen to a lot of music and figure out how we can always push ourselves forward.”

Finally, we got to discuss their overall excitement of playing Firefly yet again in their career:

“We got a lot of surprises. We've been super excited for firefly for a long ton, this year we are trying to make this special. we love playing firefly because it's a crossover festival rather than just playing pure EDM festivals where you hear the same tracks over and over again for 3 days. Here, our music is fresh, and it gets people hype.”


With that being said, Cheat Codes went on to put on, hands down, the best performance of the entire weekend. The overall energy in the crowd during their set was unbelievable, especially during their newest music.

We were so excited to sit down with such talented artists and really implore you to check out “Level 1”, their newest EP. Stay tuned for Photos of their set along with all of the other great artists we were so lucky to capture at this years Firefly Festival 2018!



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