I truly do miss One Deeper Talks with DJ Hanzel. In fact, I miss how frequently DJ Hanzel would make appearances on social media. It seems that Dillon Francis has been incredibly busy in the real world so far in 2018, and has been unable to devote much time to his 3-5 alter egos. Yesterday he gifted us with a look back at probably the most popular One Deeper Talk Segment, an interview with Calvin Harris.

This time the interview was a full director's cut and nearly 8 minutes. Honestly, the entire thing is just hilarious. You might even be surprised to learn some new information about Calvin Harris along the way.

On Deeper Talk: Calvin Harris (Director's Cut)

Watch the video below for everything from Calvin Harris' real name, to him trying to understand interpretive art, and even to watch Calvin give DJ Hanzel a nice firm slap.