RL Grime was up to something yesterday. We noted that he had closed his online store and password protected it. Suspicious huh? Well, today we finally got some answers. The release date for his incredibly anticipated album, NOVA, has finally arrived. The LP will be dropping on July 27. While we still have over a month to wait, after waiting nearly a year already, it doesn't seem to bad. RL Grime even gave us a treat to hold us over. A new single.

RL Grime – ‘Undo' (ft. Tory Lanez and Jeremih)

The new single is called ‘Undo' and features both Tory Lanez and Jeremih. Immediately we can tell that NOVA will be much more reserved than VOID. From the singles we have heard they are more atmospheric in nature rather than all-out trap bangers. That being said there is still a lot of never before heard music on the way. So who knows what the album could end up sounding like.

Check out ‘Undo' below and settle down because there are only 6 short weeks before we get to hear the follow up to one of the most important albums in the history of electronic music.

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