RL Grime has been the talk of the town for well over a year now. His upcoming (and forever upcoming) new album NOVA has been one of the most anticipated albums in the last several years. This stems from the fact that his last LP, VOID changed the way trap music was made forever. It was so influential in the world of EDM that the reverberations from its drop can still be felt today.

Naturally, the follow up to his masterpiece would garner a ton of attention. Then the unthinkable happened…nothing. For over a year now fans have been waiting for the album to drop at any moment. RL revealed in a recent interview that he wasn't purposefully withholding the album from fans, but the delay in release was due to the many artists and labels involved in its creation.

New Developments?

Today RL Grime took an interesting step and made his online store password protected, blocking fans from purchasing any of his merch. The caption reads, “Enter password for exclusive nova team presale”.

Many fans on r/trap believe this could mean something big, others are skeptical that this little unique happening means much more than RL Grime is updating his store. I will say this is curious, it is the first big movement in rebranding that we have seen from RL since he dropped his last digital magazine last Fall. Check out the store (or lack thereof) here.

Photo via Joe Runge for EDM Sauce

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