Last night Max Vangeli decided that it was time to unburden in the most dramatic and unfiltered way via Twitter. For more than 5 hours straight the Size Records artist called out anyone he saw fit. While Diplo was the main target, Deadmau5, 3lau and even Marshmello's manager, Moe Shalizi would see their names brought into it.

Zedd Gets Involved

As we noted last night, the behavior from Vangeli was so unexpected many fans thought his account had been hacked. That is until Zedd got involved and echoed his negative sentiments towards Diplo. When Zedd chimed in, it very quickly gave Vangeli the green light to continue and more fans began to participate.

Diplo Responds

While most of the comments were made late last night, Diplo woke up to the world on fire. In a not surprising development, Diplo responded conservatively. Channeling the Pusha T and Drake rap feud to come at Zedd, while responding to Vangeli's initial story that he had once brushed him off at a show by saying he thought Max “was a fan wanting an autograph.”

Many DJs took to Twitter to say that they thought the entire feud was a little ridiculous. But the beef got the mainstream's attention when celebrity gossip writer Perez Hilton got involved.

Never a dull day in EDM Twitter folks. Check out the latest developments below.

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