Nothing like some good old Twitter beef to get the blood pumping. In today's edition of EDM Twitter, we have seen Max Vangeli decide to hold back nothing and go after 3lau, Diplo, and even Deadmau5. Things got ratcheted up a few notches when Zedd endorsed Max's sentiments against Diplo. After that, fans started to pour out sentiments in both support of and against Max's newfound honest voice on Twitter.

Then Diplo woke up.

Diplo Suggests Zedd Uses Ghost Producers

Diplo immediately came out swinging this morning. Not so much towards Max who he continues to say he isn't even familiar with as an artist nor person, but instead towards Zedd. While the memes flew, and a certain other dance site attempted to play both sides, a pretty serious accusation hit the fan.

It all started when a fan brought up the accusation that Porter Robinson was the driving force behinds Zedd's ultra-hit ‘Clarity'. Porter does have a production credit on the track, but his overall involvement in the production process remains unknown. Responding to the fan, Diplo remarked that the duo Grey has been ghost producing for Zedd for quite some time.

This has also been a rumor for a bit now. Grey have been involved in many of Zedd's recent projects and Zedd's sound has been getting more similar to that synonymous with the duo. That being said this is a heavy comment to drop in a beef that has so far been mostly about which STD who actually has.

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