The year is 2018. A reality star is currently the sitting president of the United States. IHOP has changed its name to International House of Burgers. Kanye West is now a right-wing political talking head. Shaquille O'Neal is DJing under the moniker DJ Diesel and killing the game.

I have two questions:

Who is running the simulation we live in and why have they decided to do the equivalent of making 5 natural disasters hit at once in Sim City.


Who the hell went back in time and decided to really change some stuff up.

What a time to be alive folks. But I digress, this article to talk about everyone's favorite new DJ – Shaquille O'Neal. I spoke yesterday about how a video of him dropping a Svdden Death tune light up the internet. Now today, Shaq has reached out for some more hot fire to drop in his sets.

The best part in all of this? Dubstep is entirely accepting Shaq as one of their own. Which like I could not be happier about. Shaq isn't out there playing sets to make money or reinvent himself. He is doing so because he absolutely has a passion for it. He is having the time of his life and actually making a positive impact. Obviously, Svdden Death tweeted him back and said he would be happy to send some more tracks over. So stay tuned – DJ Diesel is just getting started.

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