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This DJ Accidentally Transitions To David Guetta’s ‘Im In Miami B**tch’ During Brides Walk Down The Aisle [WATCH]

I think we all know and love the classic David Guetta track (that I guess was technically LMFAO's song), “I'm In Miami Beach”. It was an EDM staple of the early 2010's. While the track could be heard everywhere for a few years, there were a few places you would hope to not hear it. I think a funeral, a church service or during a bride's entrance at her wedding would be some that are immediately poor ideas. Lucky for the internet one DJ absolutely botched his Job when he transitioned into the track by accident.

The video opens with the traditional bridal march playing, but quickly the song starts to transition. The bride realizes it, her father realizes it, everyone in the service realizes it, but the DJ doesn't stop it. Soon the opening chorus begins and beat drops for the track and everyone stops dead in their tracks.

The DJ quickly saves his error by jumping back to the bridal march, but talk about a true mess up. Luckily it has resulted in a hilarious video. This was from 2016 but definitely is worth revisiting as your weekend comes to a close. Check out the video below.


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