In one of the wildest twists of fate EDM has ever seen, it seems that Kaskade played a major role in helping Sonny Moore decide to start producing dance music. The story started when Skrillex dropped a short story alongside his remix of Pendulum's ‘The Island Part 1'.

He explained that while stopping in Salt Lake City during a tour with his band From First To Last, he visited a record store where a man working showed him some DnB. He immediately fell in love and decided that he would pursue a career in dance music. A little while later, Skrillex was born.

Kaskade Drops A Bomb

Kaskade saw the status and was floored for one incredible reason. He actually owned that record shop where Skrillex stopped by when he was in school at Univesity of Utah. Now, many fans thought Kaskade could have been the one to actually played the records for Sonny, but the timing doesn't quite match up. Kaskade was in school in the late 80's/early 90's. At this time, Skrillex was barely 5-years-old.

Still, even if Kaskade didn't play those records, or own the shop at the time of Skrillex's visit, this is an insane coincidence. I mean we all knew that we owed Kaskade a lot, but turns out without his love of dance music early on – Sonny Moore may have never become Skrillex.