REZZ is back ladies and gentleman and arguably better than ever. We got news that her sophomore album would be released at the end of the month, but now REZZ has treated us to a new single. The track is called ‘Witching Hour' and lives up to its name as it is SPOOKY.

REZZ – ‘Witching Hour'

REZZ is an incredibly talented producer, nobody can deny that fact. But her first single demonstrates her innate ability to curate a specific vibe better than just about anyone. While her debut album Mass Manipulation was near immaculate, it sounds like the follow up LP will be better than anyone could imagine.

‘Witching Hour' starts off with skeletal, bare bones (PUN!) drums that immediately set the mood. Then when the drop comes in, it is an instant through back to the golden days of UK garage and dubstep. REZZ has once again taken some of the best qualities of the best and but her own signature spin on it.

This is some seriously great stuff. Needless to say, we are excited to hear what is to come from everyone's alien mom. Check out the single belwo.

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