I know it is hard to return to normal after a mega festival such as EDC Las Vegas. After I got home from Ultra I was not normal for like 3 weeks, and I am totally sober. So I cannot imagine how it is readjusting after a week of partying. It seems that whoever is running the EDC Week Twitter account is also riding the struggle bus…even though the event wrapped up over two weeks ago. Fans were obviously quick to jump on the typo and make light of it.

EDC Week 2019 – Now EDC MONTH? Probably Not.

EDC Week sent out a tweet thanking fans just an hour ago and announced the dates for EDC Week 2019. Well kind of, as the dates they released spanned an ENTIRE 5 WEEKS. From a few days before EDC Las Vegas 2019 on May 17th-19th, until late June. Well, obviously this is a typo. But the weird thing here is that EDC Week usually is the week leading up to and the weekend including the festival. Even if the Twitter user meant to put May 22nd, it still wouldn't make much sense.

While we still have to imagine that this is a simple mistake. Most followers of the account immediately replied explaining that if this was, in fact, a reality they would most likely die at some point in the second week. Or maybe EDC is going to low key take over Vegas for an entire month? Only time will tell, check out the Tweet below. We included a screenshot in case the tweet gets deleted.

EDIT: It has been fixed, EDC Week is still just a week folks! See you next year in the dessert!

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