Yesterday, Tampa Bay police forced Sunset Music Festival to close doors on attendees due to the incoming threat of a massive storm system. Obviously, fans were incredibly disappointed to not be able to attend the second and final day of the festival. It later turned out that the cancellation was not entirely necessary, which only caused fans to be more upset. At this point many artists had a choice – collect their pay as the contracts outlined and leave, or step up and help give the fans a bit of magical after a major disappointment.

DJs Go The Extra Mile

While Sunset Music Festival did have several after parties that would still go on, the vast majority of fans had not purchased tickets to the then sold out events. Many took to social media and laid into artists, using them as dart boards for their frustration.

Many artists dealt with some verbal abuse, but almost all of them decided to truly got the extra mile to make up for the event's cancelation. Specifically, Ekali, Bonnie x Clyde, Boombox Cartel and, 3lau stepped up to the plate. These artists and many more played venues all over the city stopped for photo ops, and even show up at small house parties to make up for the circumstances.

These artists were running on almost no sleep and were beyond stressed but did everything they could to give fans a night they would never forget. Once again this selfless acts shows why electronic music is a special community – artists are dedicated to their fans at a level which is rarely seen.

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