ZAXX is truly one of the most exciting producers in all of dance music at the moment. While many are familiar with his earlier work which was championed heavily by Tiesto, the young producer has recently started to explore many different genres with massive success. 3LAU is another producer who has found a new energy through experimentation. It was only natural that the next logical step for these two was to collaborate. Today we hear their first work as a team, ‘Dirty Neon'.

ZAXX and 3LAU – ‘Dirty Neon'

‘Dirty Neon' is a truly chilled out tune. This might surprise many as ZAXX and 3LAU are both known for their main stage, high energy productions. While ‘Dirty Neon' defies expectations right off the bat, the song is a truly gorgeous work of art. Featuring light as air vocals by Olivera, the tune relies heavily on its lyrics to curate a very specific vibe. Building up these captivating vocals, ZAXX and 3LAU have crafted a track with hypnotic qualities.

Even though ‘Dirty Neon' is overall upbeat and features major chord progressions throughout, it has a pensive, if not introspective, quality about it. ZAXX has seriously come into his own over the past year, and working alongside 3LAU has helped him showcase his brilliant new style. While many artists are stuck chasing their tails looking for the next big viral radio hit, ZAXX and 3LAU have returned to the basics to demonstrate that true beauty comes from hard work and taking chances. Check out ‘Dirty Neon' below.

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