KSHMR has been eerily quiet the last few weeks. While a few weeks of radio silence release wise is normal for most artists KSHMR spoiled us in late 2017 and early 2018 with a stream of singles and EPs that seemed to never end. Since Ultra we have only heard a few things from KSHMR, and after a set filled to the brim with IDs fans have started to become ravaneous for more original works. After a week of social media teasers, KSHMR has finally released his latest single. In collaboration with Mr. Black, KSHMR has dropped ‘Doonka'.

KSHMR and Mr. Black – Doonka

‘Doonka' is through and through classic KSHMR. While the artist has notably featured more subtle Indian styles throughout than he has in the past, they are still very much present. The near east energy which KSHMR is able to incorporate throughout his releases is nothing short of immediately recognizable. In ‘Doonka' KSHMR and Mr. Black have corporated both big room and subtle trap elements.

This track was meticulously crafted for main stages everywhere. The small tempo changes throughout the tune will keep audiences guessing and the high energy, over-the-top nature the tune carries throughout will have them losing their minds until the last note. KSHMR has once again hit a home run when it comes to festival ready, main stage bangers. Check out ‘Doonka' below.

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