PRXZM is making waves in the dance music industry, for good reason too. This duo from Indiana has risen through the ranks quickly. It seems that male/female production projects have really taken off in recent years. Sofi Tucker, Bonnie X Clyde, and so many more are finding main stage spots at festivals all over the world. While PRXZM is made up of a male and a female, that is where the similarities to the aforementioned artists stop. Nick and Emma have worked to create a special kind of sound with their productions that is entirely unique. In their latest release, ‘Tell Me Something New', the duo explores melancholy emotions with a powerfully orchestral beat.

PRXZM – Tell Me Something New

‘Tell Me Something New' is a complex track. While Emma's gorgeous vocals are featured throughout, the real standout piece of this tune is the clean and engrossing production. Nick has beautifully arranged a track which features a handful of styles that seem unlikely to mix so well. The slow, methodical build-up and the booming, chilled-out trap drop, are perfectly juxtapositioned.

With each new release, PRXZM continues to find themselves in the sonic universe. While you may not yet be familiar with this duo, you should get used to hearing their name. It is really only a matter of time before they blow up. Check out ‘Tell Me Something New' below.

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