I recently wrote about SOKOL's indie electronic single “Russian Doll” and how it had a very unique and alternative sound to it that was great. I also noted at the fact that his voice kind of reminded me of The Smashing Pumpkins lead singer, Billy Corgan, and the overall hybrid sound was a good sound for him. Today the song returns in a new, more upbeat fashion via Eat More Cake that will groove you into the weekend. Check out the video for the remix under the original stream, and below that check out a quote from SOKOL.

“The song is about how people deal with pain and emotions and how we react to them. In a world of instant access and information overload our senses are becoming dull. The only way to re-access one’s emotional state and deal with pain is to turn into oneself. Similar to the matryoshka principle, it is by letting fall these mental envelopes one by one until we stand there almost naked on our own. But it's exactly here in this place of your soul where you find your true self.” – SOKOL