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ALYA releases new EDM Pop track, Animals

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We are about to take you beyond the realms of reality and beyond the realms of comfort. We don't want you to be bound by the things you think are barriers to not only your creativity, but we don't want you to be bound by your own limits that you place on yourself. One quote that is very funny yet very accurate is from Mean Girls that has turned into a meme, “The limit does not exist”. We are the ones who put limit to ourselves. Let ALYA tell you more about it here.

ALYA is a musical chameleon with a singular vision, her music is a multi-cultural mashup of Jazz, Pop, Trance and Classical combined into one amalgamation of sound. She boldly combines diverse genres with the authority of experience and the discipline of an expansive and well-trained mind. ALYA encourages listeners to imagine music with “no fear, no boundaries, and no rules.”

“There are many ways to skin a cat”. It’s a very old expression that is actually quite disturbing when you really think about it. Nevertheless, the reason we brought it up is because we believe it makes sense with ALYA, as she finds many ways to create beautiful music. She’s been described as a musical chameleon because she’s difficult to pinpoint on what her creative style and musical sound really is. With a mashup of Jazz, Pop, Trance, Classical, and Indie, it creates an eccentric new sound that dumbfounds new listeners. They don’t know what to think. All these different genres are scattering through their brains because it takes a well-trained ear to truly appreciate it. Do not fear; ALYA is here to help guide you through the process.

 “Animals” by ALYA is just her newest track that invites listeners to engage in music that knows no boundaries, no fear, and no rules. That’s what it’s all about, taking chances and creating what inspires you, not for anyone else. People react when they find someone truly taken over and firmly stand for what they believe in. Listen to “Animals” and find what inspired ALYA and perhaps, you.

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