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Norwegian Phenom Marius Drops Two Dark Bass Tracks

Marius is the greatest thing to come out of Norway since New York Ranger hockey player Mats Zuccarello. The young Norwegian producer has dropped Bagatelle and 2WRLDS, a pair of delightfully murky bass tracks. The young producer has no one set genre to be pinned down to. If I had to give you a frame of reference I would say he is in that oddly timed, dark yet beautiful, bass music somewhere between Just a Gent and Pretty Lights.

Bagatelle begins with a tribal feel due to sirens that chant out until the warmth of the 808 bass washes over you. Rattles and claps mix with industrial metallic pings as the track stomps along. The track has an interesting break at the tail end when 80’s sci-fi robotic synth noises appear from nowhere yet somehow do not feel out of place.

2WRLDS has more of a hip-hop feel to it with a staggering intro that sounds as if you may be inside of a large clock with wooden gears. The melody churns out creating a mellow vibe. As the knocks and ticks increase murky 808 bass floods the industrial worlds encapsulated by this very interesting song.

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