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Spotify Launches Redesigned App For Free Users

During Spotify's event in New York City today, Spotify revealed a redesigned app experience for 90 million free customers.

The Spotify redesign marks the first major change to Spotify's free tier since 2014.

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With the update, Spotify's free listeners will now get on-demand access to 15 ‘select' playlists where you can play any song inside those playlists and are no longer stuck with shuffled playback. Outside of those 15 playlists, listeners will still have to deal with shuffled playback.

The Spotify-operated playlists will be based on your listening habits and will constantly be updated with a total of 750 songs. Of the playlists included will be Discover Weekly, Daily Mix, and the Release Radar playlists.


Spotify also mentioned that Spotify users will now ask free users to choose their favorite artists as soon as they get started on the app allowing its servers to automatically personalize playlists.

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