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ZAXX Releases On Of His Most Impressive Productions Yet – ‘Bad Tattoo’ (ZAXX Remix)

A few weeks ago we were honored with the chance to premiere ZAXX's latest original work, ‘Altered'. While the artist made a ton of headlines for his angelic remix of the Walmart Yodel Kid the last few weeks, ZAXX has been busy crafting some seriously next level stuff. Case in point, his latest remix of Franke's ‘Bad Tattoo'. This tune demonstrates ZAXX's massive range as an artist and injects a palpable level of emotion into an already stellar tune.

The First Half

ZAXX has crafted an incredible, upbeat, euphoric rework of ‘Bad Tattoo'. Relying heavily upon atmospheric background elements and a major chord progression during the break, this tune will have you mesmerized. It seems that the original honestly should have always sounded like this. A steady driving beat and synths reminiscent of Deadmau5's earlier work meld perfectly with Franke's vocals. All the while subtle percussion continues to build tension. Then the second breakdown happens, and oh my god…

The Second Half

I love a good surprise drop, and ZAXX has delivered one that left even me stunned. As the melodic middle section begins to crank up the tension, I was wholeheartedly anticipating the same euphoric drop. But no, ZAXX does the unthinkable and flips this track on its head with a rowdy bass portion. ZAXX is masterfully able to maintain an emotional quality through the heavy portion of the track which will remind you of the work of Seven Lions and Adventure Club.

Overall this remix has so many different styles in it, it is impossible to categorize. ZAXX has proven that his skill as a producer is miles ahead of the rest of the pack with this remix, and we cannot wait to hear what is next from the artist.


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