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Robotaki Takes Listeners On A Sonic Journey With Bold & Beautiful New EP – ‘Science’

There is really nothing better than just good music. While I was familiar with Robotaki before now, I was not the most well versed in his previous work. After listening to his new EP that is all about to change, but Robotaki's ‘Science' is a gorgeous masterclass of what electronic producers should be striving to achieve.

The Sonic Journey

Science opens up with a funky contemporary piece called ‘Trial'. The tune serves as the intro to the extended play and immediately sets a sultry mood. Subtle kicks outline a tune that immediately curates a certain atmosphere for the listener. Next up is ‘Butterscotch' and the name is fitting as this tune is so sweet you might have to brush your teeth afterward. Continuing the funk vibe from the opening track ‘Butterscotch' adds in a heaping helping of soul. The production is built to showcase some truly astounding vocals and is a massive success from beginning to end.

In the next tune, Nevve steps in on vocals and the intensity is turned up every so slightly. The pensive lyrical track quickly evolves into a raw breakdown with an infectious synth hook. In my humble opinion, it just might be the track that stands out the most on the EP. Crossing over the halfway point, Robotaki really gets things going on ‘Limbo' alongside SHOR. The track is full of some seriously mind-bending sound design that reminds me of Flume's work on his Grammy Award-winning effort, Skin. That being said Robotaki has been sure to inject his signature, meticulously crafted funk sound to add a new dynamic to a sound many artists have been tirelessly trying to replicate.

Science begins to close with ‘Restless'. The track is a real achievement in musical theory. The intro to ‘Restless' is a throwback to the popular sound of the late 90's, evoking images of hitting the streets of New York City on a hot day. The track soon rings in flashing future synths that seem to initially juxtapose the overall feeling of the first minute. Then the two worlds collide making for something just absolutely astounding. The closing song, ‘Satisfied' is the outlier of the bunch. It features vocals by City and Luigi Fidelia and utilizes autotune and vocoder-like effects. From the first notes on ‘Trial' to the outro on ‘Satisfied' Robotaki has demonstrated that his production style is near iconic.


Robotaki might not be a household name yet, but that needs to change. His productions are clearly influenced by a string of forward-thinking artists, but upon of listening to Science in its entirety, his influences might just need to start asking him for tips – as this EP is near perfect. Check it out below.

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