Electric Forest is truly a one of a kind festival. There is something in the water of Rothbury which promotes positivity, community and a sense of spirituality. The festival is open to all ages, and despite some of the more intense headliners, it is a hot spot for families to journey for a day or weekend of excellent music. All of the factors noted above have made for a class A troll to get picked up each year around this time.

Childbirth At Electric Forest

The troll post can be seen above, in which a festival goer who is expecting childbirth over one of the weekends of Electric Forest explains her excitement to birth her child on the grounds of the festival. It is so aggressively wooky, and outrageous that it naturally gets a lot of attention. That being said, we saw it last year, and the year before, and the year before that.

We are happy to say that it is only a troll and this lady wook is not planning to have a child during an incredibly large music festival. This would be a terrible idea for a litany of reasons which we do not need to go into. It has also spurred on one of the great copy pasta comments in the history of the world. Which can be seen below.