Ookay has constantly evolved as an artist since his first releases. While his more recent stuff has been experimental and not as heavy as his first works, he has truly found a niche spot in dance music. His use of original sounds and blending of styles give his tracks a unique quality. Ookay dropped ‘Help Me Out' and it follows his more recent indie approach to production.

The track has lighter trap elements featured throughout but to call this tune entirely trap would be a misnomer. The use of vocals goes a bit unnoticed in ‘Help Me Out' but the overall picture is really a lot of fun. The relaxed quality of the track makes it perfect listening for studying or car rides. It also exists as a remixer's dream as there are so many different directions this tune could be taken.

‘Help Me Out' is a solid record and Ookay has become a pro at presenting the inner workings of his mind in music. There is an emotional weight to the track that I just can't put my finger on, but upon listening I got thrown for an introspective loop. Check out the tune below and see what it triggers in your mind as this tune can be interpreted a few different ways.

Overall Rating
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