We have seen a lot of artists turn to the rap genres from dance music in recent years. Steve Aoki, for example, decided to focus almost entirely on an EDM Rap crossover album in 2017, with it he found decent success. Even deadmau5 made a rap track with Mau5trap signee Shotty Horroh. Now though, a new development has left wooks shooketh all over the world.

Bassnectar + Lil Yachty = BoatNectar

Bassnectar is finishing up his performance in Chicago this weekend and left the crowd stunned when he emerged with a clean-shaven head, wearing a very oversized white t-shirt. He said that it would be his last performance in 2018 as Bassnectar, and would be now teaming up with Soundcloud mumble rap superstar – Lil Yachty. The new side project will be called BoatNectar. The first track of the collaborative project is reported to be dropping on April 20th and be called “Murder Medit808”.

When asked about the collaboration Lil Yachty responded in song,

“Yeah I never really heard of this dude, but we out here.”

We truly never saw this coming. For more details, you can find the official press release here. Welcome to April 1st.

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